We are not going to sit and watch

No, no, that's not us. American and Canadian hair professionals are going to buy a combat "Drone" for Ukraine.

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Help us donate a Hair Force military drone to Ukraine!

Did you know that you can use your hair for change? Hair Force supports funds to support military operations in Ukraine.

Ukraine has been fighting the invading Russian forces for more than three months, but is facing a shortage of weapons and is calling on Western countries to send more of them. This fundraising initiative seeks to raise USD 6 Million to buy a combat drone for Ukraine.

The Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone illustrated itself during Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, proving itself as an attritable solution to destroy more critical assets, such as armored vehicles, anti-aircraft systems, or even tanks. The drone was credited for helping to sink the Russian missile cruiser Moskva and bombing Russian anti-air defense systems on Snake Island.

BAYRAKTAR – Is the Ukrainian dagger in the night. The assassin of the Russian army. An unmanned tactical combat aircraft that carries laser-guided high-precision bombs and long-range air-to-ground anti-tank missiles. In Ukraine’s war, Bayraktars have already destroyed Russian command posts, tanks, and missile launchers.

North Americans are buying Bayraktar drone for Ukraine, and we are on the march! We need $6 Million USD. Can you help? North Americans are united. Everybody chips in. Even a dollar counts.

People of North America – Come Join Us

As King Theoden of Rohan said before the final battle at Helm‘s Deep in "Lord of the Rings“ - Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake! Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn!

Let our combat drone (Bayraktar) rise above undefeated Ukraine. Let this be the hour when America, Canada and Ukraine unsheathe their swords together.

Bank transfer (info will be repeated in the comments for easier use)

Beneficiary: Health Innovators Inc

Hashtag: #dronefundukraine

Donate to 'The Drone Fund Ukraine' project

For USD6 Million we not only buy the Bayraktar Drone for Ukraine but we are also sending the world a message that ordinary people do not want to reconcile, while large states are not willing to help Ukraine with weapons. We boost the morale of Ukrainians who know that North Americans are ready to help with everything they can - even with heavy weaponry.