MarStars Partner Program

Transform your hair style or color consultation with professional all-in-one mobile application for hair professional partners.


The ultimate hair color consultation tool for any Professional hairdresser partner


To get the latest trends in hair color & styles and create your own with your freshest looks


To test hair colour in augmented reality with your clients


To get all the information on all the shades from Professional Portfolio

Coming soon - Available to download on Apple Store & Google Play Store.

App Features


The digital swatchbook gives you easy access to the full shade portfolio for Professional, shade charts and brand technical guides. Filter by brand or color family and add up to 10 shades to your color wheel to compare your selected shades during your client consultation.


Inspire your client during your color consultation with mood-boards for latest in-salon trends or beautiful color results. Create customized mood-boards by pinning your favorite looks and adding your own photos.


Use virtual hair color filters to inspire or educate your client during their hair color consultation for instant transformation. Swipe through the shades, customize the intensity or "hair effect", and compare the results!

The most successful Salons & barbershops run on MarStars

An all-in-one platform to grow your business and maximize profitability

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An All-in-one platform to power your Salon or Barbershop Operations

Take control of operations, increase revenue, and enhance your brand experience with a single, easy-to-use platform.

  • Manage bookings from App, online links and shop

  • Drag and Drop Scheduling

  • Access Commander from Phone, iPad or Computer

  • Hairstylist specific pricing and duration

Point-of-Sale Built for Salons or Barbershops

Fully integrated with booking software, register and card reader in one system.

  • Apple Pay / Android Pay / Chip Reader

  • Revenue analytics cover booking to bank account

  • Offline Mode - Keep accepting payments even if your Wifi goes out

  • Check out multiple barbers in one transaction (father and son cuts)


Webpage, iOS, Android

Showcase your brand, schedule appointments in seconds and get your app listed in app stores or embedded on your webpage.

One Touch Payout

Running a commission shop just got easier! No more spending hours paying your hairstylist.

  • Automatically pay your barbers based on their commission

  • Hairstylist’s tips deposited daily

  • Manage Barber commission payouts

  • Intelligent payment software handles cash, tips & card payments and sends barbers what they’re owed each week

Smart Collect

Automatically Collect Booth Rent from your hairstylist.

  • See all payments in one place. Know at a glance if your barbers are current with payments, or if the rent is past due.

  • When rent is due, automatically charge your barbers’ credit or debit cards for seamless payment.

  • The Smartest way to run a booth rental shop

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Online Booking

One Touch Payout

Loyalty Cards

Inventory Management



Hairstylist mobile apps

Instant Pay

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We’re honored to partner with some of the best barbers and barbershops in the industry.

Salon or Barbershop

  • MarStars Commander for multi location and multiple hairstylist management

  • Individual hairstylist and Staff Logins

  • Unlimited Text/Push Notifications

  • Multiple Booking Options - Online, IG, App

  • Reporting & Analytics to Grow Revenue

  • Concierge Support

  • Multiple Locations/Barbers

  • Customer Engagement

  • Commission Management

  • Inventory Tracking and Reporting

  • Wait List

  • Loyalty Rewards

  • Custom Branded Webpage, IOS and Android Apps

Independent Hairstylist

  • Squire Commander

  • Instant Pay

  • Unlimited Text/Push Notifications

  • Multiple Booking Options - Online, IG, App

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Concierge Support

  • Market to Your Clients Directly with Customer Engage™

  • Inventory Management and Reporting

  • Wait List

  • Loyalty Rewards

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