About Us

MarStars is a technology driven organization whose mission is to promote economic recovery of hair professionals using innovative marketing technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality technologies.

About MarStars

MarStars is a "Digital Marketing" and “Customer Relationship Management” platform for the Hair salons and barbershops.

MarStars specializes in providing the most engaging and interactive online/offline brand experiences through lightweight and lightning-fast 3D/AR formats, which can be applied to eCommerce, digital advertising and social media.

MarStars Team

Shiva Heydari

Machine Learning Expert

Bryan Kuropatwa

Machine Learning Expert

Bilal Haider Rizvi

Machine Learning Expert

Kalyan Kalwa

Digital Marketing Automation

Dev Pandey

Salesforce Automation Expert

Okan Erdogan

Salesforce Automation Expert

Saifur Rahman

Machine Learning Expert

Rakhee Jaiswal

Salesforce Implementation Expert

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